What's this all about?

Modern Science was born from the idea that, given the right tools, everyone is capable of making meaningful contributions to science. We believe that providing researchers with the means to process datasets quickly and intelligently can be an opportunity to shed light on how science actually gets done. We also believe that science is beautiful, and your online presence should be, too.

Nick Wilkinson, Founder

Nick earned his BASc in Mechanical Engineering and his MASc in Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia. He spent three years managing a research outpost in the Canadian Arctic, has worked as a web development consultant to the Canadian Space Agency, and has written software to support Lunar exploration field trials for NASA.

When Nick's not at the office, it's a good bet that he's getting cold while SCUBA diving off the coast of Vancouver, Canada.

What we do

We help you get more work done by providing the training and context necessary for non-experts to contribute to your work.

Why we do it

We love science. We love building software that empowers, informs, and entertains. And we love making things easier.

How we work

Software development is a conversation. We're open and responsive throughout the process to make sure everyone knows what to expect and when.